Environmental Responsibility

To promote respect for the conservation of biodiversity, environmental protection and energy saving.
The goal of our
Environmental Policy
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Through an environmental program, we promote respect for the conservation of biodiversity and natural resources and avoid the indiscriminate use of agrochemicals.

This program aims to propose, carry out and evaluate actions focused on developing a culture of caring and protecting the environment in order to contribute to climate change mitigation, decrease global warming and the promotion of a sustainable development.

Reforestation Program

We actively participate in reforestation programs with the purpose of contributing to the reforestation of areas in our community affected by fires and excessive logging and therefore, help improving air quality, CO2 capture, contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and help improving the life quality of the people in our community.

Used Battery Collection Program

We have designed a strategy for used batteries disposal within the company and the community. Our company works as a collection center for used batteries. We also place different containers in the community and through the local Environment Department we give these batteries a proper final disposal.

PET Plastic Collection Program

Through this program, we promote among our collaborators the habit of properly separating solid waste and the respect of the environment. With the placement of containers in our facilities, it is possible to capture more than 4 tons of PET plastic per year which is recycled afterwards.


At Frutícola Velo we are concerned about being a sustainable company. We generate our own energy through renewable sources. Moreover, we have an environmental program that seeks to promote recycling and decreasing solid waste generation.