Our Certifications

We have developed and implemented programs and systems that ensure quality and safety through every stage of the process. Among others, we have a certification in good agricultural and manufacturing practices.

Additionaly we constantly have:

  • Facility maintenance programs
  • Training in good manufacturing practices
  • Pest control programs
  • Daily inspections

Primus Labs

Audits of Primus Standard BPA address issues of food safety, adjacent land use, fertilizer use, water supply and use, pest control and pesticide monitoring and harvesting practices.

Certificación FDA

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the United States government agency responsible for the regulation of food, both for people and animals, medicines, cosmetics, medical devices, biological products, etc.


SENASICA is the official identity that confirms that the requirements for the import or export of products of agricultural origin are met.

Global GAP

Global GAP is a global standard for Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) recognized by the World Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), applicable to different products, capable of covering the globality of agricultural production reducing the risks of such production.
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The SMETA certification demonstrates that frutícola velo meets high standards in good <br /> business practices and ethics. In addition, through this certification we guarantee compliance in accordance with the ETI code and local laws, covering four modules that are: Health and Safety, Labor Standards, Environment, Business Ethics.


It is one of the leading bodies in Italy in the certification of organic and quality agri-food products. He is a member and active part of IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) and is in charge of promoting the establishment of the Biological Quality Association for the protection, guarantee and management of the AQB quality mark for agricultural production.
How can we help you?

If you require support or information regarding the products offered by the company, contact us.

We work hand in hand with our producers, with the unconditional support of our collaborators, in Fruticola Velo we not only sell avocados, we seek to be a facilitator to solve the needs of our clients. If we do this well, success comes alone.

Ricardo Vega
Sales Manager, Fruticola Velo