Our Company:

We are a family business dedicated to the production and merchandising of avocado. At Frutícola Velo, being a family owned and managed company implies respect, loyalty and a strong commitment to quality and excellence.

Our work starts with how we respect our natural resources and our collaborators, and this results into the way we conduct business. This same philosophy goes into how we take care of our avocados. All the products that carry our brands have been cultivated, selected and packaged under the most rigorous quality and safety standards and with the highest technology machinery.

More than 30 years of experience


Our Facilities

After several years of experience in the industry, analysis and a long-term vision, we have managed to increase our capacity thanks to the construction of our new facilities, as well as the use of latest generation machinery, specialized in selection and packaging.

Today, Frutícola Velo is proud to be one of the strongest companies in the region and to offer its customers an exceptional quality product.


Message from our Sales Manager

I am Ricardo Vega, Sales Manager of Frutícola Velo, a 100% Mexican company. We are an innovative enterprise, always aware of the rapid changes in the world. We are a socially responsible company concerned about the well-being of its people, and we are also a company that seeks to contribute to climate mitigation, always respectful towards the environment.


We work hand-in-hand with our producers and with the unconditional support of our collaborators. At Frutícola Velo we do not only offer avocados, but also seek to solve our customer’s needs.


Our Brands


We want our consumers to benefit from the multiple properties of this delicious fruit. For this, we have different brands and presentations.


Being close to our clients allows us to deeply understand their needs and therefore satisfy their expectations with high quality products. This is why we work with national and international customers. We know that high quality requires a higher initial investment, but on the other hand, it increases sales, reduces waste and the most important, it satisfies the final consumer.