Join the Fruticola Velo Family

At Fruticola Velo, we believe in making a difference with our employees through culture and supporting others in our local communities. Through our development programs we seek the well-being and development of all our collaborators to achieve professional growth for our entire team. Will you join our avocado family?

At Fruticola Velo we firmly believe in our people, they are the ones who make it possible for our organization to be successful in its day-to-day work.

Our constant search for talent to help us continue developing successfully in national and international markets, if you are in the sectors of foreign trade, agronomy, production or in the agribusiness field, contact us.

Join a company that cares about its people, we have different recognitions and certifications in the area of ​​social development that position us as an inclusive company with its staff.


Join the Fruticola Velo Family

Frutícola Velo is not only a company, it is OUR company and that of our clients: and we do it all together: producers, packers, cutters, drivers, loaders, we ALL work without conforming until the good we did better, and the best we did excellent, to bring our Mexican avocados to your table, to get closer to the authentic taste of freshness!