Our Process


Our Process

Serving main global markets commits and forces us to carry out rigorous controls during the entire process, always ensuring optimum conditions in order to have avocados with an exceptional quality.

Once the quality of the fruit is achieved in the field, the harvesting and packaging process begins. Fruit handling is essential to put the best quality avocados on the market, this is why we use the most modern technology available.


Fruit Selection

Dry matter content is analyzed in order to comply with regulations required by authorities. Also, this analysis is critical to ensure that a high-quality product will be put on the market. If the dry matter content is below the minimum required, the fruit is not harvested.



We carry out the packaging process with the highest quality standards to ensure an optimum quality for as long as possible.

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Avocado pickers who are highly trained, carry out the cut with the highest safety and quality standards. They cut the fruit with scissors.



We have the most modern pre-cooling and cooling systems which allow our customers to have an optimum ripening and a better shelf life of the product.



Our modern facilities include computerized technologies in selection that automatically differentiate avocados by color, damage and size.




Pallets are supervised before its shipment in order to ensure our clients will receive avocados with an exceptional quality.