What makes us different

Our focus on delivering quality products to our customers and consumers, as well as our ability to forge strong relationships with our producers, has earned us a strong reputation in the industry.

Consolidated Brands

Our brands are positioned within the most demanding international markets such as the United States, Canada and Japan. We offer several presentations in order to satisfy each client needs. For the Mexican market we have a distribution center in Mexico City.


We have nationally and internationally endorsed certifications in safety, quality and good agricultural and manufacturing practices. These certifications are: Global Gap, Primus GFS and SENASICA’s Risk Reduction System.

Preference of our costumers

Maintaining an optimum quality in our products as well as the customer service are our main objectives. So, at every stage of the chain, from harvest to distribution, we take care of even the smallest detail in order to ensure that the final client will obtain avocados of the highest quality.

Quality in our harvests

The programs implemented together with our producers, as well as the correct post- harvest handling that we carry out, guarantee a uniform quality in the product and avoid expensive waste for the retailer. Consequently, we collaborate to reaffirm the image of quality and prestige of our client towards their consumers.


Our cutting-edge technology for selection, packaging, and conservation allows us to keep avocados ripe, fresh and with a consistent quality all year-round.


Our international coverage infrastructure allows us to satisfy product demand 365 days a year with a high-quality guarantee.

How can we help you?

If you require support or information regarding the products offered by the company, contact us.

We work hand in hand with our producers, with the unconditional support of our collaborators, in Fruticola Velo we not only sell avocados, we seek to be a facilitator to solve the needs of our clients. If we do this well, success comes alone.

Ricardo Vega
Sales Manager, Fruticola Velo